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Astral Body

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8 thoughts on “ Astral Body ”

  1. Kirisar says:
    The astral body is a hypothesized spiritual counterpart to the physical human body that is said to exist on a different plane. According to yogic philosophy, humans have three bodies -- the physical, the astral and the causal -- which, together, are the vehicle of the soul. The astral body is more subtle than the physical body and it contains prana (life force), the senses and the mind.
  2. Jumuro says:
    There are three energy bodies: Etheric body, tied to the physical body (if you haven’t yet read about the etheric energy system, that’s a great place Astral body, the energy system for our emotional experience Mental body, divided into mental and causal subplanes or fields.
  3. Zululmaran says:
    Astral Body is the spiritual, ether-like counterpart of the physical body. The body is composed of astral material and is an exact energy duplication of the physical form that it encompasses. This energy body is attached to the physical body, usually at the naval, by a silver-like cord.
  4. Grole says:
    The astral body is an etheric double that is the exact duplicate of the physical body. The astral body is the vehicle for consciousness when projected out of the body (Astral Projection). It also is used in sleep for the experience of dreams. The astral body has been called by different names.
  5. Mazulkree says:
    Instead of using a physical body to interact with physical objects, you use an astral body to interact with astral objects. Now astral means stars, but it is just the first thing ancient mystics saw when they astral projected, so they named it “astral projection”.
  6. Shakakus says:
    The Astral Body is a body of an electronic, Solar nature. The Astral Solar Body has nothing vague, vaporous, or subjective. The Astral Solar Body is a body of bones and flesh; it is made out of the flesh from paradise not from the flesh that comes from Adam.
  7. Meztizragore says:
    Oct 11,  · When its sojourn upon the astral plane achieves its natural end, the astral body is shed and the soul rises for rest to the causal plane there to re-incarnate back to the astral plane if there still remain astral desires.
  8. Arabar says:
    Oct 20,  · Flex your muscles and then loosen them. Start with your toes and work your way up your body, gradually making your way Breathe deeply and exhale completely. Don't hold tension in your chest and shoulders, just relax. Focus your mind on your breathing. Don't get 89%().

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